Coming soon is the second major update to Windows 10 called Creators Update.

As the name implies, it features several updates specific to creativity such as a major update to Paint, but will also include many general updates including:

  • Free to existing Windows 10 users.
  • Unlike the Anniversary Update, this update will allow greater control over if and when the update is installed.
  • The Edge browser allows tabs to be saved for those of us who like to have many tabs open and be able to save them for a later time.
  • Edge will have thumbnail tab previews to make it easy to see what you have open.
  • Sharing content will begin transitioning from sending content to others and through apps to sharing via the Universal Windows Platform.
  • PowerPoint support for 3D elements.
  • Updated Cortana with new features.
  • Create folders in the Start menu.
  • Pair your phone with your computer via Bluetooth and when you walk away, it automatically locks your screen.
  • Windows Themes return and themes can be chosen from the Store.
  • Inking in Maps – ink a path between two locations and get distances, traffic, travel time.
  • Extensive privacy settings.
  • Automatic computer tune-up! Settings to delete temporary files, etc.
  • Get Office now manages your Office installation and licensing.
  • Updated and improved Windows Defender.
  • At night, change your screen to Night Light mode.

More Info See – Windows 10 Creators Update


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